A moment of silence

I opened my front door to let the children in the other evening when I felt a pinkish golden light wash over me. In fact, the whole world had taken on a hue of reddish gold. A bare, winter landscape had become a scene that a painter would give anything to paint. The trees had lost their natural splendor, yet their silhouette against the backdrop of the radiant, amber sky, made the scene surreal. Seeing my silent, upturned face, both the children turned around. The three of us stood there, at our front door, in complete silence for a few minutes. Then Ryan said in a hushed whisper, ‘Mom, take a picture!’ The moment of awe that I shared with my two children will be etched in my mind forever, even after they have flown from the nest. I am thankful to the universe for this  glimpse of beauty that we shared that evening. The picture of the sunset is beautiful indeed, but the picture that I have in my mind’s eye, of two little faces mesmerized, humbled by the inexplicable beauty of the world that they are going to inherit one day, is invaluabe. That is my treasure.

Illuminating the world one last time before the day is done.

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7 Responses to A moment of silence

  1. Sumauli Mukherjee says:

    wow … it is a blushing sky…
    Sumauli Mukherjee

  2. Like how you find happiness in the things that most of see but dont observe closely

  3. madammommy says:

    It was such a spectacular scene. Bliushing sky is so right.

  4. Kushal says:

    thanks for the nice note and wonderful picture…may I put it om my desktop?

  5. madammommy says:

    Kushal, absolutely. Go for it! Glad you liked it and thanks for reading.

  6. Arunima Das says:

    I can imagine the wonder on the 3 faces and in the eyes… 🙂

  7. Krishna Roy says:

    Fantastic pic. Left me in awe as well.

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